Semi-Automatic Machine

※The minimum sale quantity is 1 machine.
(Please note that we limit the use of our machines to corporate customers ONLY.)

TM-500SR / semi-automatic machine

semi-automatic machine_TM500-SR

  • ※ Successor to TM-500S
  • Designated for standard plastic snaps only.
  • TM series power supply monitor model
  • The double stroke allows for accurate and innovative safety of installation.
  • No caulking adjustment is necessary at all.

Please click here for demo video ▼

Product Specifications
Item Size
Total Height 1,130mm
Full Width 550mm
Full Depth 400mm
Height to work surface 850mm
Arm Depth Dimension 80mm
Vertical Stroke 40mm
Motor 100V(国内)/200W/4P
V Belt M-34
Weight 60kg
Accessories Set of designated tool sets
Standard Equipment Work table