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  • Plastic Snaps made of Polyacetal: “SUN TENAC is mainly meant for baby wear.
  • Applications: baby clothes, maternity wear, rain gear, diaper covers, kids wear, etc.
  • The attaching strength can be selected from soft, normal, or hard, according to the fabric thickness.
  • Certified for the highest level CLASS-1 of international textile product safety standard “Oeco-Tex Standard 100”


ST70 : Baby Wear, Working Wear, Rain Gear, Pajamas, Stationary, Household Goods
ST-II (8mm) : Baby Goods ・ Small Household Items ・ Light Fabrics, Etc.
ST-II (9mm/10mm/11.3mm) : Baby Goods ・ Maternity Goods, Etc.
Minimum Lot : 1,000 (8mm:20,000)

 Name Cap Size Matte Glossy Colors
ST-70 9mm / 14L 51
10mm / 15L 51
ST-II 8mm / 13L 8
9mm / 14L 51
10mm / 15L 51
11.3mm / 18L × 40


*Unit measurement is in millimeters, The illustration below is an image.

Size Chart


*Please inquire for the basic colors and details for our other sizes.
*There are two types of finishes: “Matte” and “Shine”.

COLOR(9mm_matt)▲9mm MATT▲

COLOR(9mm_shine)▲9mm SHINE▲

COLOR(10mm_matt)▲10mm MATT▲

COLOR(10mm_shine)▲10mm SHINE▲


    1. There is no danger of the prong sticking out of the fabric.
      Metal snaps pose the risk of poking out from the fabric and hurting the skin, becoming detached from the garment, thus posing a stepping hazard and choking hazard if swallowed.

    2. Metal allergy concerns are virtually eliminated.
      Since the raw material is plastic, it is gentle on the skin and thus removes all issues for those with metal allergies.

    3. It is lighter and stronger than conventional snaps.
      In addition to being light weight, our snaps have undergone numberous tests with excellent results that guarantee the highest quality. ST-70 is strong against bleaching agents, won’t rust and is of a clean material. We also test for robustness.


    4. “SUN TENAC” has a structure that is gentle to the fabric and less breakable.

"SUN TENAC" has an apparel-friendly construction which will not damage fabric.

  1. “Oeko-Tex Standard 100” · “SGS” approved safe and high quality snaps.
    (Global Hazardous Material Inspection Agency)

    Our snaps are safe and high-quality, certified "Oeko-Tex Standard 100". - KAJI TECH CORPORATION

    “Oeko-Tex Standard 100” is the world’s foremost leading ecolabel for the textile products industry.
    Products with this label have been tested and certified at internationally renowned laboratories in 15 countries around the world. Products with this label bring peace of mind to the pursuer of a healthy lifestyle.